We work with teachers that are starting off their careers as well as teachers that are close to transitioning to retirement.

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Financial Planning for New Teachers

Financial planning for new teachers doesn't only involve knowing how to plan for retirement, but also how to maximize your benefits. Post-graduation debt can be overwhelming when you're working hard to build your future. We can work together to create a financial plan that addresses your needs and supports your goals. It takes careful planning, management, and listening to help you reach your goals both today and tomorrow.

For new teachers picking the right 403(b) plan and investments is only part of the equation. Understanding your paycheck, and your benefits and helping you build your cash reserves, planning for a graduate degree, saving for a first home, a new car, a new family, all while paying college loans can be a daunting task without help. We will meet with you in a complementary consultation to determine how we may best assist you. We've worked with many new teachers and understand the challenges that young professionals have.

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Financial Planning for Teachers Nearing Retirement

We have presented the State of CT Teacher Retirement System "Retirement Lane" presentation in many local school districts. During your last years of employment and first year of retirement, many of the decisions you make are irrevocable. We will meet with you in a complementary consultation to determine how we may best assist you. Proper planning is essential to having a comfortable retirement.

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We can help you determine the following:

  • When you are eligible to retire and when is the best time to retire to maximize your retirement benefits.
  • Under which plan you should retire (N, C, or D).
  • Whether you can purchase additional months and/or years of service, how much they will cost, and what are the current rules.
  • How much money you will need to retire.
  • What are the best health insurance options available for you and your spouse.
  • What long-term care options are available to you and your spouse.
  • What to do with your existing403(b) plan to meet your retirement needs.
  • Whether you will receive social security and how your pension will affect these benefits.

We use a holistic approach and look at all aspects of your financial life including cash flow both when you retire as well as later in life, reviewing your income needs,  protection planning, estate planning, tax reduction strategies,  Our software reviews all your assets and updates your plan daily. Once your plan is completed and implemented we meet with you regularly to review its progress. We've worked with many teachers approaching retirement and understand the challenges you face.






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